Celtic fan not worried


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Don’t care if he is Rangers fan, absolute weapon wearing a Celtic top, pisstake or not. Probably sits in the pub with his Celtic supporting mates referring to himself as a Hun.
Jesus Christ he’s ripping the lady's front bottom right out of them as he did in the obsession video as well . Him and his mate are a bit strange granted but he doesn’t miss with these . I realise they do both sides but this one and the obsession one are genuinely funny .


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I quite like it. It's obviously a pisstake as no Tarrier has ever bought bleach in their life.

As for being offended by wearing the rhag for laughs are we really that offended?

Disco Deejay

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Fair play to him for taking the piss out of them, but I have never touched one of their lives, far less worn one.

Completely childish I know, but if I am in a sports shop and I see a rail full of their tops, I will take a detour to make sure that I don't pass anywhere near them.
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