celtic fan smashes up his 55th birthday party


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taken from a celtic forum


>come home from watching old firm defeat
>wife decorates house for your 55th birthday
>see 55 everywhere
>Triggers your Rangers induced PTSD
>smash the gaff up and Mrs has to phone the police on you

A kind of blue

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I think if someone has the "tantrums of a 8 year old" this season, it's them :D

completely deluded
Yeah, they were the ones heaving sharks about and threatening their players. And, if Rangers are only 8 and this is our first league trophy why's he triggered by 55? Not that I believe that story anyway


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Almost feel sorry for the mentally challenged weans who are turning 10 right about now. They'll have been getting it drummed into them since they were old enough to say up the ra what a joint celebration it was going to be on this birthday.
Now it will probably be a slipper across the arse and sent to bed when they ask their teary eyed da's for a few bob for chips.

Edit to say...Apologies to mentally challenged weans out there. The new swear filter put that in no me (filter for the driveway mob word).


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Looks like the kind of far-fetched made up pish folk post on twitter for likes. Would need to get the DHOTYA account onto it.