Celtic - funniest moments

Spin City

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The woman (Hoopyghirl?) who stole charity money from a guy known as Mince..?

Matt McGlone, Celtic fans bigot-in-chief buying a carry-out instead of playing his normal lottery numbers, which would have won him £ tens of thousands..


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Celtic getting punted out the Scottish Cup (2-1) against a makeshift Clyde side in 2006 which I think was Roy Keane's Celtc debut


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Lustig being a complete bottle merchant x2

Roy Keane's debut

Suttons deliberate handball

Lambert losing his teeth whilst giving a pen away

Timmy jumping from the stands

McStay missed a penalty

"Andy Goram broke my heart on my tombstone"


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Retractable poles for the stand roof.
Newspaper article, wrong language, wrong country.
Cascarino, the fake Irishman.
Balde’s hold out.
Separate entity.
The Bunnets breezeblock stadium.
Candle light vigils

This could take days.


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O'Neill marching a clearly embarrassed TLB up to the Broomloan to divert attention from the hammering they had just taken.
And, even for a non lip reader like myself, he clearly referred to us as "Orange bar stewards".

Nothing said........


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Not seen “ Mars bar” day been mentioned. Went 3-0 up at piggery they started pelting directors with mars bars and other confectionary. Prob used the stash they had to lure the kids in!!


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Press conference in Bairds. Celtic supporters club the following week - where Big Finbar threw Keevins out.

Anything Jhoe the Bhigot writes.

Remember when big Bobo was in dispute, he refused to go on loan to Birmingham. Ronnie "Crespo" Cully wrote:
"Bobo Balde has ruled himself out of Celtic's Euro squad by refusing to go on loan to Birmingham".........
How could he be in their Euro squad if he was at Birmingham?????

Euro snub for frozen out Balde

  • Evening Times
  • 12 Sep 2008
BOBO BALDE’S refusal to move to Birmingham during the summer transfer window has cost him his place in Celtic’s Champions League squad.
The 33-strong Hoops group registered with Uefa for the competition which kicks off next week includes nine defenders, among them Jo Doumbe and Paul Caddis.
But Balde is out, which means even if Celtic suffer a spate of injuries to centrebacks Gary Caldwell, Stephen McManus, Glenn

Again in the Dalgleish era, Terry McDermott given the job of "Social Convener".

There must be much, much more..........


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Investing in films.
Providing seating for tarpaulins.
Three names
Honkytonk’s teeth
Lamberts teeth
Lennon’s teeth
Fanny smell letters.


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I read of a bus load of tramps turning up in the wrong city for a European game during the 80's,.might have been a pre season friendly.


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One that I always remember is Tom Boyd chasing Lovenkrands, you see him wave for help as he slowly fades from the screen but looks to be falling as well.

BP Bluebear

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Working on a small project at the moment and looking for some examples of Celtic players being so stupid you would almost think they were either taking the piss of undercover Rangers staff.

thinking like Anton Rohan’s handball, Brian O’Neill falling over etc.

What ones can you think of?
The guy getting the “Terry Munro “tattoo


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McCann isn't in posession, the ball isn't heading twoards goal - if Kerr hadn't caught it he could have chested it and kicked it away.
But he didn't. Dallas bottled that decision but to be fair, given what had already happened, I can understand why he took the easy decision.


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Remember they printed a poster of one of their Chinese player Du Wei in the program but they got him mixed up with one of their Japanese players and printed the wrong name.