Celtic podder predicts Keane and Nicky Butt management team


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Holy shit this is amazing!
I cannot believe it is still March!

Think if someone told you 12 months ago how everything would pan out! Mental and delightful

Aww Skew

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Keane is a dinosaur that’ll fall out with the players/board at the first hint of pressure

Not exactly a great coach so would need £ to buy a new team. I really hope it’s true


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“Cheer up Roy Keane, oh what can it mean to a sad Greenian Tasturt and a shite football team” can be sung with some justification next season.


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In all seriousness, how fucking short sighted is that from Desmond and the Celtic board if it’s true? It’s like they don’t even want to sell season tickets:D:D

Bowery Boy

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He didn't knock back the opportunity to be Paul Lambert's assistant at Aston Villa. Which isn't great however you look at it.

Even if he was just taken a managerial break, he's gone from being a manager in his own right to a series of assistant manager's jobs, combined with punditry.

This isn't a guy on an upward trajectory. He may well have been approached, but at what level of club?

Celtic shouldn't be appointing him. Nor should they be giving a guy his first role in management. And they also shouldn't be giving middle of the road managers what will be the best job and highest point in their managerial career.

There's got to be some way of actually appointing the best man for the job. Roy Keane in no way is the best man for the job. He'd probably be able to do some kind of job, but is he the best we can get?

This last year has been like we've taken a bad trip at the end of a festival and have decided to batter into some mushrooms and neat skunk joints, because, well, it can't get any worse at least. Next thing, Roy Keane dressed as your dead granny is coming at you with a knife between her teeth before using it to butcher a pig and eat it raw.


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Be better off with Roy Kent & coach beard than Keane & Butt (Ted lasso fans will get it)

God even Bevis & Butthead would be better option than those too