Celtic shop in Argyle st to close on Saturday due to vandalism fears

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So accused before crime committed? Typical vhictim mentality, put it out there to provoke so if it does happen they can seek full Humza retribution on the club. I should have reported them for offensive display when they brought out the kit with the tricolour on it and had it in the window.
You can see the way they think here. They obviously think if the shoe was on the other foot, that their fans would attack, and vandalize , Rangers shops. So they are tarring us with the same brush. It's the way they've been brought up, they can't help themselves. They do not recognise that we are nothing like them. WATP.

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Closing due to being flooded with the tears of the Scottish media who’ve taken time to put that online


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I remember a couple of occasions on st Patrick's day the original Rangers shop in Belfast on Ann street a few years back it closed early due to the soapdodgers enjoying the craic.