Celtic's End Game


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No the title was, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are now thinking about it. Us too maybe.
It would be unfortunate if they became embroiled in court room battles over historic paedophilia which any future league felt would be too much bad publicity.


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Surely not, it would be against all their political/secretarian leaning to play in an English league.

Or maybe they'd be able to overcome their hatred just to be nice.


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England is never going to happen, not in our lifetime.
Up 'til recent events, I would have agreed. Now, I'm not so sure. Who knows where football is heading.

As for the OP. The tim domination is not solely to be 'kings of Scotland'. It's about the next stage in the development of football - invite-only European Leagues.


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England don't want or need us or them. Which clubs are going to vacate their spot for us?

There's an entire pyramid and everyone who misses out will claim it could have been them.
its all speculation

who knows how many clubs could die due to this crisis.
they might need us to join if this happens