Celtic's End Game


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The only upside for publicans whilst their pubs are shut is they can get pished on weekend nights themselves.


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No Robert, they must know that they aren't welcome. This was always about securing the title, no matter what.
This for me, they just didn’t expect it to be the clusterfk it became. I believe it was Pig eyed Pete giving his normal instruction “ I wAnt that title now.....get it sorted Neil”


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Didn't look bad against them before the disease.
just the winter break to sort out.
i agree we played them off the park, last 2 games.
thats not the problem tho,its when the beasts are struggling to killie away etc,and the ref gives them a penalty or sends a player off,to help them on their way.
we all saw it last season did we not?


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I hope when the victims get their court cases against the scum bastards they go out of existence and the victims get justice. A horrible poisonous Club from top to bottom.
Until the Donkey, McKenzie and Mclellan are gone we are fcuked I hope Rangers follow through their dossier and call outs against the corrupt scum bastards.


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Does anyone think that Celtic's end game was the collapse of the SPFL then both of us would maybe invited to England, Possibly the Championship
I think they are slippery devious bastards. Unfortunately I think they are two steps ahead of us at every turn these past few years (although that’s coming to an end).

But as for England....no I dont think that’s an avenue open for them. Plus they are more parochial than that it’s all about sticking it to “the huns”.

that’s why we need to back Gerrard this year. Get recruitment right, get behind the team and win 55 next year.


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No, the outcome Celtc seek is of an altogether different destination.

It's a solo journey they aspire to, where they see themselves as joining a European club elite. This is entirely predicated on a fluke win more than 50 years ago and endless endorsements of a mythologised atmosphere, unique in world football.

They really do see themselves as a "club like no other" and for that reason, no other is needed. Let them walk, the opprobrium they incur will be their legacy.


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Celtic have no interest in going somewhere they will be despised and won't have the benefit of bent refs and a corrupt governing body in their pocket.


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No chance. They are self serving c*nts, that only see short term with no thought for the bigger game. Everything they populate, they ultimately corrupt and ruin.


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The owners of the SPFL is Fergus McSquint and some other howker (cant remember his name). Their job is to surpass our trophy haul and it's going that way :mad::mad:


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You know when we say we are the world's most successful club, and they mock us. Well they want to be able to say that, and should they get to more trophies and titles than us no one will be mocking it, it will be official, you'll be getting told on BBC, STV, Clyde. They want to laud it over us like the poster above said


Nah doubt it their priorities are

1. 10 in a row *
2. Keeping the treble run going
3. Keeping their control on spfl and sfa
4. Overtaking all our records
5. Maybe after that they would look at our stuff like moving to England citing there’s nothing more for them to achieve up here

MK Bluenose

Does anyone think that Celtic's end game was the collapse of the SPFL then both of us would maybe invited to England, Possibly the Championship
I believe that was their end game back in 2012 when they tried to kill us off, so League would be deemed uncompetitive, but with Sandy and Ally as our sole custodians, we defeated that one time opportunity for them with a show of support and solidarity of which we should all be proud. Since that time they've known we'll be back, and their only strategy has been about postponing the inevitable.


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Up 'til recent events, I would have agreed. Now, I'm not so sure. Who knows where football is heading.

As for the OP. The tim domination is not solely to be 'kings of Scotland'. It's about the next stage in the development of football - invite-only European Leagues.
Unless scotland bring in at least 40 million immigrants, that wont be happening. Nats might try it, mind you.

Example being, if it was on merit surely holland would be in the big 5 and not france. They're in the big 5 because of population not football credentials.


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I think current sponsor New Balance were threatening that their deal would run another season if this season was null and void and they panicked because that would have destroyed the new deal with Adidas and cost them a fortune.


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They play the long game.

Imo their focus is to firstly get the 10 under their belt.

Next up, will be to take possession of 'The world's most successful football team' mantle.

They hate with a passion and can't live with being in our shadow...It consumes their every day and whole lives.

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Nope, they're running things up here now, why would they want to dilute their power by moving south.
They're where they want to be, it's up to us to change that.