Celtics hotel open in 9 months

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It was a pipe dream, the land they wanted to build on was an old Mine, a Geologist Report said it was dangerous because of illegal mining taking place in the past after the pit was official closed, it would require tons of Cement to make it safe. Lawwell turned to the GCC for help to fund it but with their prior dirty deals under a microscope they knocked him back.. this led him to go to the papers expressing his disgust at the Council failing to encourage regeneration of the area and job creation.
They could build it underground in the mine workings then, a bit like the accommodation old Fritzel built to conceal the kids he raped.
They could then name it the Fritz instead of the Ritz.


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Stupid question I know but I wonder if this will get the same reaction from the council that our plans were?


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Another thread on these fucking mutants.

That's 5 or 6 now on the 1st page of the forum.
It's really not that big of a deal. I'd rather we had threads on them struggling and having setbacks than threada greeting about why we're miles behind. Which we aren't at all now.


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I’m just wondering if this hotel will have a play area for children. All hotels in the land say kids must be supervised at all times. What would the sign say in their hotel?
Any thoughts? :oops:


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No, they bought land called the Celtic Triangle, the local gypos robbed the nine to bag and sell the coal after the pit officially closed so the records of how deep the mining’s that was done are skewed. Same issue with the stadium, pumped in 1000’ tons to the foundations, why stadium has subsidence issues.
The Celtic Triangle, that was dodgey dealings with a compliant council, the same as Lennoxtown. Hats off to all who exposed it, they may not have got the result they wished, but they certainly made it too toxic for it to continue as per your previous post.
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