Champions League - Tuesday/Wednesday


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Upamecano is a unit of a centre back, so is Sule.

Barca's only world class player now is Ter Stegen. The rest are pretty average.

They have no identity whatsoever anymore. Used to be a 4-3-3, 'tiki-taka', high pressing team. Now they're a bunch of individuals who no longer have Messi to bail them out.


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The Barca side that lined up against Bayern about 5 years ago B-D



A mate of mine.....
Barca have some cracking youngsters, fair play to Koeman for giving them a chance from the age of 16/17 onwards. Pedri, Ansu Fati, Gavi will all go on to be top players. Pedri is already unreal.


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Had some of the great centerforwards in the recent past, now they've got Braithwaite and Luuk de Jong. And Braithwaite is injured.

It's like when you play FM for so long that you're sick of winning so you bring in some rules to make it a challenge. From now on it's only players worth less that 2mil, that'll make it tougher.
Haha. Not sure why they brought in Luuk De Jong. They still have sick note Aguero to come back then get injured again


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Sule looked like he could have been the best centre back of his generation before getting that bad knee injury. Now in the final year of his deal, but looks to be getting back to his best. Bayern would do well to get him signed up.

The sheer physicality of him and Upamecano at the back is scary.


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They changed that rule a few years back, leagues are free to schedule games when they like now.
No excuse for other teams to have games in hand when they're not in Europe then. It's only if we're in Europe that we might have a fixture pileup.