Champions top - second batch


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Ordered one for me and my dad then another order for my mate. My mates arrived and mine and my dad's hasn't.


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Still waiting, ordered to Canada but still no email, nor reply when I emailed them.

Not impressed. Expect at least some updates.

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Still waiting on dispatch notice and shirt from second batch,ordered on March 7th (does say will be sent out FROM June 1st) so will give them till end of this week.


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I got one in batch 1.

You don’t get an email. You don’t get a tracking number.

It just shows up.


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Mine arrived today. Got email saying with Hermes about 1 hour before it was delivered. Quality looks stop on. Happy days.


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Got one in first batch just arrived no emails , waiting for 2nd one emailed them about despatch no reply no suprise really


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The 2nd batch shirts are getting sent out once all the first batch orders with dodgy embroidery have been returned, and they can be sent out again.


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Received mines a couple of days ago and it was the second batch. Got an email the day before from Hermes to say they had received a package from Castore for me with the tracking number


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Got one in the first batch speedily (early in fact) and no hassle. Had no heads up, it just appeared through the door via royal mail.

Order one in the second batch too. Emailed from Hermes on 26/5 saying they were expecting it; then one on 2/6 saying they have it. Radio silence since. Hasn't progressed at all since then. Given that it's Hermes I'm starting to get a little twitchy...


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Mine arrived Saturday, I did receive a Hermes email in advance.
The shirt is excellent.
Hope everyone gets their orders soon.
Same mate arrived Saturday, looks class with no issues with embroidery.

More shockingly the communication and delivery from Hermes was great.


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My money is on a castore stock fuk up. I find it hard to believe that if they had the stock they wouldn't be able to send them all out within 7 days.


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I got mine on Saturday no email it was getting sent out then got email out the blue from hermes saying they were delivering it that day and it was delivered an hour later so just expect an email from hermes


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Mine came on Saturday - got a Hermes 'We have your package' email the day before. Package smaller than I expected but top is good quality with lovely gold embroidery on the crest and 'Champions' labelling.


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Still waiting on mine. Order status still shows as order placed, no update on the shipping.