Changes in the line up for Livi on Sunday?


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I see this is a three o’clock kick off.
Is it not televised?

Edit: I’ve just seen that its on Sky.
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Due to their thuggish ways, Alfie will need to start. If the actual laws of the game were expected to be observed, we could easily have rested him for this one.


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Could see Arfield and Ojo starting either side of Morelos, Aribo to start in place of Kamara and possibly Katic in place of Helander?

Fucking hate these games on the shitey plastic pitches as they are a bit of a lottery.

Dont be altering the team too much as its the last game before the break and needs to be won.

Leith Ger

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I don’t see Kent playing from the start, think we’ll be careful with him. I’d go:

Tav Goldson Helander Barisic
Jack Davis Aribo
Arfield Morelos Ojo

Subs: Fod, Flanagan, Katic, Kamara, Kent, Stewart, Defoe

Bowery Boy

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This is going to be a very difficult game. That plastic pitch is brutal and Livi will no doubt want to do to us what they did against the filth a few weeks ago. They’ll be up for it for sure. We weren’t great in the league cup game and shagger saved us on numerous occasions.
They didn't have a shot on target that night.

2-0 Rangers tomorrow.


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Plastic pitch is an easy excuse

We've struggled on grass too away from home.

It's no different from the hearts game.

I think its psychological. The more you talk about it being difficult pre match the more it does and the more you become involved in their game.

I think its bout time we put that to bed. Force them into our game.

Nobody ever complains about Accies plastic pitch - because we pump them every time we play.


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I wouldn't change too much. If we play as well as we can then we should win easily. Hopefully no European hangover.
Mate, the adrenaline should still be whizzing round from Thursday night. It’s time for us to start performing in every game now. At our best we are untouchable but the inconsistency worries me.

Bowery Boy

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I doubt there will be too many changes if any. Wouldn't be surprised to see Ojo/Arfield for Barker though.


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Same back 4 There playing well the now and starting to get a understanding with each other.

Middle 3 for me would be Jack Davis kamara.

Stewart Morelos Kent

No wholesale changes


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Stewart on this pitch for sure.
Tricks and guile will win ore in he final third.
Even if it's free kicks near the box.
Step up Borna!


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I agree.
I wasn't impressed with Young Boys a team we should have beaten.
I think they are doing better than they deserve to because their pitch gives them a huge advantage at home.
At the top level of football, this just has to be wrong.
Couldn’t agree more. They were touted as dangerous side but they were very average going forward and weak at the back!

Despite the pitch we still should have left with a point minimum and I’ll be surprised if they qualify from the group. The pitch may well have helped them get through if indeed they do.


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Could see Arfield and Ojo starting either side of Morelos, Aribo to start in place of Kamara and possibly Katic in place of Helander?

Fucking hate these games on the shitey plastic pitches as they are a bit of a lottery.
This 100%


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Katic struggled at Ibrox against them and Helander had a nightmare in the cup. I know Goldson wasn’t much better but I would stick with him and go Edmundson for the physicality that will be required tomorrow.


tavernier Edmundson Goldson Barisic

Davis Jack Kamara

Arfield Morelos Kent


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Tav Goldson helander barasic
Jack kamara aribo
Stewart moreles Kent

Rest davis and hopefully get jack and moreles off as quick as possible once game is done
You dont rest your best players in a difficult away game. Davis must start.


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I think the game will be too physical and too much of a battle for Ojo, Barker and Aribo.


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I’m hoping we’ve got over our ‘fear’ of the plastic pitches but wouldn’t want too many changes either.

Tavernier Goldson Helander Barisic
Jack Davis
Stewart Arfield Kent

wee bud's pit boots

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If we're worried about playing sh1te on plastic pitches, then forget about the title.

Here is how this luddite views things.

If you have more skilful players on adverse playing condition versus dumplings, then the talented players win. Simples.

What fecks up the mix is if the more talented players are not up for the fight.

Seriously, if we do not win tomorrow questions have to be asked.

The two points dropped to the gorgie guff was tempered because of the filth's previous. That got
us out of the hole.