Chargrilled Cheeseburger at Banbury


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Nooooo! :eek: I refuse to believe that is genuine - no one could expect anyone to eat that and charge them money for the erm privilege. Just No o_O !

Jaki Suds

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Least there's some shit still left when you eventually get to the counter

at Banbury there's not even a drip, out of the tap at our outlets


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Looks like someone has gathered loads of sheep shit and moulded it in to the shape of, well not even a burger tbh


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That’s a fucking cow pat

Captain America

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I'd be tempted to slap-shot that hockey puck back at the person that served me...

...if it wasn't as risk of knocking their teeth out.


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Someone is losing their teeth eating that mofo. Also, was it stone cold the cheese hasn't even begun to melt.