Charlton v Doncaster


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Into extra time, in keeping with the last few weeks of English games.

Not fussed who wins but Doncaster’s manager is staunch I believe?


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Think big Jack will kick %^*& out of that gimpy fucker with the shit hairdo.


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Why on earth are the Police involved in the penalty shoot out discussions with the ref ?


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would be interesting to see another Charlton V Sunderland playoff final, the one in 1998 is still one of the best games I've seen on the telly
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just got home from the match in south London , just want to say Doncaster Rovers are a credit to the football league - I thought your fans were fantastic and showed real class outside the ground by wishing Charlton well at Wembley and shaking hands- swapping scarves etc - true gentlemen - no trouble at all just true Yorkshire folk great people - we hope you go up next season such great fans .