Chris Burke talks of his regret on "lost" Ibrox years

Gerrard the Great

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I remember way back when the year of the BBC Scotland document series My Blue Heaven or something like that. Burke was just breaking into the first team and he looked special! Every bear whether they remember it that way or not was talking him up as the next big thing to come from our academy.
As he admits in the article he was a cocky wee prick who squandered his talent by thinking he’d made it just by breaking into the team and sheer lack of work ethic.
We should get him along to Auchenhowie to talk to our youths “Work your arses off or end up at Killie with nothing but regrets and what-might-have-beens!


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It's the difference between them and the real footballers. Steven Gerrard being a classic example. Anybody who has seen the Gerrard documentary 'Make Us Dream' will know he was the antithesis of this mentality. When he broke into that Liverpool first team as a teenager everything became about developing into a world class footballer.

It can never be known how far those mentioned above who did not take this path could have gone. I actually personally know one who was in the yahoos squad as a teenager. A remarkable natural talent.

But unlike Gerrard he decided he had made it already. Went on the bevvy at every opportunity. Didn't turn up for training sessions or turned up still half pissed. This guy was tipped by others coming through with him who did go on to successful top level careers to be EPL.

He was let go by O'Neill, played a few seasons at an SPL lesser light, then down the divisions. And I bet that's a relatively common waste of footballing talent. In Scotland at least.


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Just one of many who haven't fully grasped the opportunity presented to them. Derek Ferguson could have been a level up from that which his younger brother achieved and Stephen Hughes, literally p*ssed his career away.


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Plenty of players like that however I’m not sure that’s the case with Burke

He was probably not good enough to play with us especially at the time and to be fair has had a pretty successful career and I’m sure will be financially sound


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I think to many young lads think they have made it when they get to Rangers when in fact you have not made it until you have performed for Rangers over many games. Your CV should read cup winner, league winner, starred in European games, scored against them etc.


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I think you're right, I seem to remember him having a bit of a mare that day, the fans getting on his back a bit and him not having the heart for the battle.

Shame, on his day he was decent but just seemed our jersey was too heavy for him.
Not sure the jersey was too heavy. Admits he couldn't be arsed being a proper professional. Cheated the club and fans.