Chris Jack “Pack Of Cards” Article.

The tide, in terms of the media has absolutely turned. Keevins' nonsense about leaving allegiances at the door in the journalistic profession went out the window in 2011 and now it's the turn of the journos with leanings to our side to have their day.

Even the other side have to grudgingly admit that the natural order has been restored.

I'm loving every second of it.

No more polis hats and wiping their beaks on corner flags, just the realisation that their back in the rightful place.


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Haha - Chris Jack sticking it beautifully to the mentally challenged scum

A joy reading that and they don’t even realise there is much worse to follow on from their years of arrogance and failure to see the Stevie G Express was heading their way


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my personal favourite:

‘’ Some fans will console themselves with the cries of ‘Sevco’ and insist that the league flag that will fly above Ibrox next season is the first that Rangers have won. If that helps you sleep at night, then you go ahead, Bhoys’’ B-) B-D
They really are in between a rock and a hard place.

Either it's 55, or it's a 'new' club which has been allowed to clime the leagues and then completely dismantle their empire - both of which help me sleep at night :)

I would be absolutely livid at our board had this been allowed to happen to us.


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My veins. The article of trollage.



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Enjoyed reading that. Been a long time since someone wrote the truth up here. Just wonder how long he will now be employed for as not toeing the party line.


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Great read and sums up the thoughts of rangers fans we all knew they would collapse as Dave king said and the title is all about 55 for us


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Great article. The bit missing will be the tims having to sell at least £35m worth of players to break even this year. That’s when the rest of the deck collapses.


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Can someone copy and paste it please, it’s behind a paywall for me, says I’ve used up all my free articles for this month.


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Great article so good i read it twice, it's been a long long time that I've read anything similar in any newspaper, the screw is turning, I think we will finally see more "journalists" turning their backs on them and trying to worm their way towards us, just like rhatts on a sinking ship, I hope like all Rangers fans our club don't have short memories, tick tock Timmy as our learnard friend Dylan once said "the times they are a changing" #55

Aww Skew

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“The days of wrapping scarves round the posts at Ibrox and acting the idiot with a police hat are gone.”

Fucking right they are. I hope these two particular pricks are watching the coming months with as much pain as possible.

I wish that prick Lustig was still at Celtic. A heartless shitebag that chucked it against us twice because Kent ripped the utter piss out of him

Acted the big shot against a team filled with bang average duds; funnily enough went missing as soon as he was up against a decent Rangers team


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The Moonhowlers are already all over it frothing over the article.
As expected "sevco", "Died 2011", "first trophy" and "new club" their mantra.

Lovely bhoys & ghirls.


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Great read, lots of journalists now all of a sudden coming on side. I wouldn't let them on the 55 express myself. They were all happily sucking mentally challenged boaby 3 months ago.