Chris Jack: Mark Allen’s time in blue is no case of black and white for Rangers


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It absolutely is poor if you were intending to hold onto that individual.

If on the other hand you weren’t and believed redefining his role may cause him to seek an exit, well that would be what’s called managing someone out the door.

I suspect that’s maybe what’s gone on here.
Can't believe you're missing my central point which is that Allen was brought in for a McInnes-level Rangers. We got very, very lucky and jumped beyond that stage in our journey, what Allen ultimately brought to the Gerrard-level Rangers wasn't enough and both parties were amenable to a split.
We're in agreement overall, though.

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Well we all know who dishes out custard pies.

As for your first point. You must be hard of thinking as you simply dont seem able to comprehend what Ive said. Im basing my opinion on what MA has said in his interviews. You claim that isnt "hard evidence". Very strange. I guess you've never followed any political debates or legal proceedings otherwise you'd understand how important this is.

As for ID10. Im arguing like him that MA is better gone. You've backed the wrong horse again so the best you can come up with is to try to side with ID10 and claim that your sudden conversion is because he is ITK.

One more thing. You claim I based my "warped viewpoint" on "pure guesswork" where I decided that the bits that didnt work were Allens and the bits that did were Gerrard. Im interested to know where you get that from. My views are based purely on what MA said. Its not that difficult to understand, for most people.

Have a nice day.
Well for starters, my post was in reference to various forum members, not you specifically, so don’t flatter yourself there. What you essentially said was you didn’t like the way he talked so he was better off gone, which is an absolutely sound basis for judging his worth if you’re 10 years old. Being a grown man I was more interested in looking at what we know he’s done based off of the comments of other club staff, including the board and management.

What you said is in no way comparable to ID10 documenting a list of reasons for which he believes Allen’s departure is a positive change, a list of reasons that were likely all obtained from people who work within the club.

“Hard of thinking”, I do love irony. Chortle


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Sorry GG you little or nothing about his role if you think it is ok for him to be on the training field with players or on the park celebrating with them after victories.
These things were his downfall and did not go without notice of SG. I think in time you may even hear of the real tensions in the Gerard and Allen camps.
Any manager worth his salt will not allow interference in his territory at any football club
I agree with this. The DOF should be well respected, professional and working with the manager and all of the football staff (not just first team) in the background. Yes speak to the media now and again but it shouldn’t be a role for a person who craves publicity. Mark Allen was very inexperienced remember, he joined from being an academy manager (not a DOF) and maybe he just genuinely didn’t realise that being in a tracksuit on the training pitch or dancing in the dugout cringeworthy wasn’t what he was supposed to be doing.