Ciaran Dickson Contract Extension.


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Was he out of contract end of season?

Must be a loan lined up maybe? Then again he might stake a claim in a few games time if we wrap it up early


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Seems to have turned it around from the beginning of the season when he was supposedly away to Sheffield United, similar to Kennedy.

Good that we are getting these guys tied down, both looked the picks of that age group.


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The extension will take the pressure off him. And now I hope that he, along with the other youngsters who recently got extensions kick on.

Buddys Bears

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Noticed that RTV has him down as first team. So I presume he's now fully integrated into first team squad. Last Ross Wilson interview seen was that Nathan Patterson was fully integrated with Dickson and King joining training from the academy. So nice to see its made an impression with the gaffer and Ross Wilson


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I liked his style in his short appearance against Falkirk, hopefully he gets a goon loan move and kicks on, love bringing youngsters through

Rio Loyal

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Happy with that he’s got great potential, First seen him in the Colts cup game against Inverness he was a standout