Cinch is the new SPFL Title Sponsor

SPFL seem to be the only organisation that announce sponsorship deals without ever announcing the value of them

The long-term agreement, which will span all four divisions, represents the largest title sponsorship deal in the SPFL’s history. - this is very vague is it the largest value deal? or is it the largest in length?

Buzz Lightyear

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Something like this on all player sleeves

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"The winners of the Cinch Premiership 2021/2022 is Rangers" (Liam McLeod, 2022)
Can that be trademarked?

I would love to hear those words coming from the mouth of that little hateful bastard.

He won’t even have to balls to say “champions” because we stole that title from his favourites…


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‘Biggest ever’ ? What does that mean? Any idea of £££
Probably mean biggest being all the division's? Makes it easier to claim the biggest without mentioning how much! Its a cinch this is what they are using to pull the wool over everyone's eyes!


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Says it's largest deal in SPFL history, but worth remembering that the SPFL was formed in 2013 & went ages without a sponsor.

Ladbrokes pulled out in 2019. Is this is only just replacing them? Have we had any other sponsors or is largest deal in SPFL history really just saying more than the Ladbrokes deal.
See if this is the case, and we had bigger contracts pre 2013, they really need to be taken to task and outed as the devious scumbag bar stewards that they are.


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As long as that Rylan character doesn't end up at Ibrox presenting the trophy
Who presents the trophy will never be a problem for me.
I could handle the Pope himself handing over the league championship trophy.
Maybe not Nic or Yuseless though.


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Its a strange one that the EPL announces deals and always mention what the deal consists of in payments yet every time there is a deal for sponsorship or tv rights for the SPFL there is never a mention of what the figure is but its better than our previous deals. Almost like someone is embarrassed or trying to hide the obvious.


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Would be a bigger laughing stock if we had another year without a league sponsor.

They have forked out for the sponsorship, I assume there wasn't a big queue of blue chip companies fighting over the deal.


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The Used Car League.... brilliant.

The amount of money being out up is notable for its absence as well.. long-term deal too.

Conlig Loyal

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He’s actually a really nice guy to be honest. Worked with my sister on a few things and was brand new to my mum when he heard she was ill.

Not always as they seem.
He's always seemed dead on when you see him on TV. I know that's no way to judge a character but he's always seemed healthily self deprecating.