Cinch is the new SPFL Title Sponsor


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Biggest ever deal for the spfl. Spfl was formed in 2013 and hasn't had a sponsor for two years. So the biggest deal compared to the six years they had a deal. This is over 5 years so the "biggest deal" being the total over 5 years and being less per year than the previous deals. No wonder they waited on the Tim's announcement to hide this.


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“Haha, we’re not allowed to shake hands, so awkward, eh! We’ll do the elbow thing HAHA!”



Coopers left foot.

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Seems a lot of people moaning about nothing.

Constellation valued at £2 billion (formally BCA) own Cinch and WeBuyAnyCar. Throwing money into Cinch and are determined to grow the business. Seems on the face of it a decent sponsor.
It ain't the sponsor,it's probably a shit deal, hence no figures


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Anyone here used Cinch?

Are they just another one of these places that buys cars at auctions and resells them for a premium?

That is all some of these other car supermarkets do, they just resell auction cars.