CL Place for Runners-Up At Stake!


Our "friends" in the east-end are in complete melt-down and it is quite possible that Hibs could catch them for second place. We must beat c*ltc twice to assist in this as failure by them to get the CL place would be devastating!


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They are never qualifying from the non-champions route anyway so other than more prize money at the end of the season it's irrelevant where they finish.


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As awful as the unwashed are, hibs are a different level of pish. Look half competent against teams like ten men hamilton. That's about it. They'll still finish ~10 points behind them.


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Hmm I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet but it is possible.

If Hibs win their next few, up until the Old Firm, and we win that, they could narrow the gap to 6 and would be due to play Celtic int he split. But even then Hibs would need a level of consistency throughout the split and would likely need to beat us too.