Clap for NHS Heroes


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I'm not a doctor or a nurse but I do work every day on an acute hospital ward, where Covid-19 is setting in, and continue to do this because it's my duty.

It's pretty tough going just now and it's only just the start. Without going into detail, today was the day things got real but I can promise you all we won 't let you down.

Some of the gestures we have seen even locally from the public before tonight have been very inspiring. Your support keeps our morale up and we genuinely do need it. Thank you.
Put it better than i could mate, ive been playing it down saying it's just our job because i feel very awkward receiving it. Truth be told, watching videos, its quite emotional seeing the support.

Thanks to all who showed their support, its truly appreciated.


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Renting a hoose in Coatbridge after having to leave my campsite in a hurry, lots of respect shown here.

I'm starting a week shift tomorrow caring for an old couple with many health issues. Praying I can keep them safe. Stay safe everyone.


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I genuinely feel like an asshole as never knew about it till about 9 this evening but after spending most of the day at Edinburgh sick kids with my daughter I made sure to tell all the doctors that we were speaking to how much they are appreciated for everything they do and not just now but constantly are, much respect due to all staff out there


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To put a downer on it, Cumnock Juniors have offered any NHS worker a free season ticket for next season - as if the poor buggers hadn't gone through enough :D
In all seriousness, it's a fantastic gesture by any club, especially a junior one which won't have had any income for weeks and could be July/August before they get any more, so cap doffed :)


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Truly emotional to join in and hear the applause echoing around the surrounding area. Swear someone was chopping up a massive pile of onions nearby.

Ultimate respect for everyone in the front line helping to protect and heal those touched by this terrible virus

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Best video of the night, Goes to some vird in london...saying its 2 mins to 8 and london is getting ready to support the NHS ,and this plum is at it again,, zooms into a neighbours living room in the lads sitting on his couch obviously watching porn hub blasting one off

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Most people in our street out clapping. There is a care home at the top of our street and the shift must change at 8. Cars with staff leaving work tooting approval and windows down yelling thankyou. Very very emotional. Enormous thanks to all our NHS staff and all carers.


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Not a sound in my Street very disappointed my wife and I, son and daughter outside giving it what for and nothing the wife shouted come on but nada about 30 houses in ear shot and a few bears among them be back out tomorrow hopefully shame a few


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I know it won't happen, but I really would love to see anyone who goes to hospital and lashes out at any of the staff, be chucked out on the street.

Why anyone would even contemplate doing that to someone who is doing their best to help you, is beyond me.

And no excuses of being wasted on whatever you've been taking.


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Following all the social distancing rules and getting PPE and equipment out to our hospitals would be a far better way of showing our support.