Clarke: you would like to think the rangers fans will focus on there own team


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Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke is hopeful Rangers fans will head to Ibrox to support their team on Saturday - and not to send abuse his way.

Clarke bemoaned sectarian chants aimed in his direction from the stands as his Killie side were thumped 5-0 in the Scottish Cup last month.

The former West Brom manager said it was like living in the "dark ages", with Rangers responding by saying they wished "to make it clear unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated at Ibrox".

Ahead of this Saturday's Premiership encounter, he said: "Hopefully that will pass by without incident. I haven't really thought about it to be honest.

"It was well documented at the time, I've had a lot of support for what I said after the game.

"You'd like to think the Rangers supporters will go there to support their team."
Let’s see the ratio of Kilmarnock to Rangers songs the away support sing tomorrow.

Added to Boyd talking about us at every opportunity, staggering hypocrisy, but no one will question it outside the Rangers support.


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His face was all scraped to f.uck on SSN there he looks like he’s fell while pished.
That said as much as I don’t like him he actually tore into the sheep fans for abusing SG
He must be gutted TLB got the gig at the san giro because he hasnt half perfected his poor me poor me routine coupled with the timmy favourite of deflection. Guys an absolute walloper, the only reason we heard him crying about singing was to defelect from the absolute pumping his supposedly great killie team took.
I suspect Clarkes ability to focus whatsoever,never mind on his own team is affected by his inferiority complex and alcohol consumption in equal measure!


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Did a reporter ask Clarke what he thought of Aberdeen fans singing sectarian chants at Gerrard the other night given he said it was only a WoS problem
They did and he replied

“It’s good that has been highlighted. I think people who hear it should call it out, and I think police should investigate every single incident.
“Why Aberdeen fans are chanting sectarian songs to Steven Gerrard I have no idea.
“They should have been have a wonderful night at Ibrox, supporting their team and singing their team’s songs.
“Why they would want to chant against the oppositions manager in that way I have no idea.”


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Don't worry Steve, your delicate ears will be safe the Union Bears are striking at the moment :cool:

Guys an absolute prick! I really hope we put his scummy team to the sword.
Plenty of Cheer up Stevie Clarke, then a big exaggerated ssssshhhhh everytime the big bad words are normally sung.

From what I can see there's nothing on Clarke being an alcoholic? Just a well known fact he's deluded tramp who loves the swally, is that right? similar to the whole of Scotland knowing Pressley was a jakey tramp that needed help before he admitted it himself


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Clarke, trying to get a dig at our support so as to get himself more attention,best ignored.Just get behind our team and manager tomorrow and cheer us to victory.


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Maybe Clarke should focus on his own team instead about talking about other teams fans.

But of course people can't help themselves when it comes to making comment on Rangers.


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Should have asked Clarke whether his own player would be better served focusing on his own game rather than offering inaccurate comments on the opposition
It's water under the bridge and he keeps banging on about a couple of unsavoury chants.He is doing this for 2 reasons 1 to try and get some songs sung at him so he can keep greetin about it and 2 it is getting his diversionary tactics in ahead of another doing.