Rangers History Classic Rangers picture thread


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If Dundee Utd lost they were relegated. We missed a penalty which kept them up.

Can’t remember any pre match announcement but I was very young! I find it incredible that I can remember details from Rangers games 40 years ago yet can’t remember the Champions League final from last year. It just shows the excitement of going to Ibrox as a young kid.
Did McAlpine (goalie) not miss for Utd that night.
I remember him running back up the park after he missed.


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Willie Allison wrote one of the Rangers books in the late 1950’s, “The New Era.” No photographs of him in the book!

With regards to Allison having undue influence in the “Corridors of Power” - Ferguson is talking bollocks (as he inevitably does speaking of his time at Ibrox).
I met Willie Allison when i was a kid over from Belfast in 1967. I was staying with family friends at Aikenhead Road and used to go down in the mornings to Bridge Street underground and travel out to Ibrox to watch the players going over to train at the Albion. One morning the Ibrox doorman asked me where i was from and when i told him he returned a few minutes later with Willie Allison. Willie then took me inside the main door into the stadium. He showed me inside the away dressing-room and before i left he presented me with a club lapel badge and black and white postcard photo of The Rangers first team which i still have.


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