Classy Behaviour by Gabriel Heinze


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Opened this expecting to see that he'd donated loads of tins of beans and soup to the vulnerable during lockdown.


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Exactly the message youngsters should be getting.

Sadly in Scotland all young players seem to get is screamed at by fat dads for misplacing a pass


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That's solid behaviour there. There's too many knobs in football and it's nice when you see someone decent and classy trying to help kids out.


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That’s really classy. Firm but fair. And didn’t need to do it, could have got in his car and got on with his day.

Just as fascinating Isthe reactions. The wee man not listening to him will, I suspect, grow up to regret not paying attention to the people in life who tried to guide him. In contrast his teammate who admits to making bad passes seemed to be taking the message in and will come out of that conversation a better person, if not player.

Brennan Huff

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Disgusted at Heinze tbh...

As a parent of a fairly decent 9 year old, i'd be raging if he stormed in being all preachy when i was trying to tell the wee arsehole to "Run aboot a bit & get tore in".


Good pep talk, done something he didn’t have to do and explained why they shouldn’t be so harsh to referees.


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Impressive coaching. All too often we forget about the human aspect.

He seems to have a growth mindset, with the ability to see past the trivialities of a match, with more focus on behaviours and the big picture.

An eye opener for me.

Well done Heinze!