Club 1872 Director's Resignation


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I would like to take the opportunity to explain my reason for resigning as a director of club 1872.

I got involved last year because I perceived that Laura Fawkes and Joanne Percival were good people trying to do their best for fellow Rangers fans. I have been involved in numerous boards of charities and local voluntary organisations down the years and have a lot of experience of partnership working and strategy development and delivery.

I first became concerned at the start of the year whilst in a meeting with Stewart Robertson with Laura Fawkes. I was endeavouring to outline the issue raised by Laura at the AGM on behalf of the fans which was the lack of transparency of the club and how there was a disconnect between both parties, whilst making this point Laura interrupted me to state she didn’t think this was an issue. I found it difficult to understand both her interruption and her undermining what I personally feel is a tangible issue (raised by members prior to the AGM).

This set the tone over the following months where the club made offers of assistance but rarely delivered and were never taken to task. I understand that their reasoning will be they were dealing with stabilising the club and although I recognise this as an issue I felt it extremely difficult to feel any real tangible assistance by the club other than paying Chris Graham for a number of days a week assistance to Club 1872.

As Laura and Chris do the majority of the organisations day to day work I felt increasingly minimised whilst I endeavoured to deliver a number of projects in conjunction with the charity foundation, Rangers disabled supporters group and also the Founder’s trail, with the overall feeling that unless it was their idea there was little support for moving things forward.

After a number of exchanges with Laura where I felt she was disrespectful towards me I felt that I had no other course of action but to resign, which I did about a month ago, at the same time another director tendered their resignation as they were unhappy how the board was operating however I believe they may have been talked into staying.

I found no support amongst the other directors as Joanne in truth contributes very little to the organisation and endorses Laura’s every decision, and the other directors are happy to take no action. I suppose the best way to sum up how little cognisance the board took of the issues I raised was when Euan Mcfarlane called me to tell me not to undermine the organisation which he had spent so much time building and also to think about the negativity that might occur towards other directors if I went public, he summed up this one sided approach by stating that Laura admitted she had made mistakes, but had done nothing wrong which I personally believe is a contradiction but perhaps I am being overly critical.

It transpires that my resignation has been fortunate as I am now dealing with a fairly serious illness and the stress encountered during my tenure has undoubtedly not helped, with this in mind I really do not wish to say anything further or lobby for change.

In conclusion I believe in Club 1872 and the notion of a true fans voice. I don’t believe that the organisation will move forward with Laura Fawkes and Joanne Percival involved. There will shortly be a member’s vote to extend director’s terms which will keep them in place for a longer period. I would ask that any genuine person who is committed to representing fans and holding the club truly accountable stands for election later in the year, and that all club 1872 members consider very seriously when they agree to perpetuating the board in its current form when the vote is held with regards to extending director’s terms.


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... honestly. I mean, I know nothing of the OP or anyone mentioned. Could be 100% true, could be utter manure made up by someone with a chip on their shoulder.

Truth is that all I do know is that I have even less interest in signing up to Club1872 than before I read it and I had little to zero interest before.
exactly how i feel also, could not have said it better


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Recent statements have indicated they're happy to be kept in check by the board.

They let King swat them away concerning a board place with some wishy washy bullshit. As the second biggest shareholder at the club they should be demanding a board place as that makes the organisation more deserving of a place than a few current board members.

The organisation is sadly failing the fans who have invested in it.


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I cancelled my subscription two weeks ago after that woeful statement Club 1872 released (which was basically just an advertisement for more donations).

As a group they are far too weak and if they ever want to progress then they’d adopt a more militant attitude and stop tiptoeing around the issues for fear of upsetting the directors.

They could learn a thing or two from the UB.

Brian Laudrup

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No doubt this will be used as another stick to beat us with by the Scottish phress

Rangers Fan Group in Turmoil will be the headline


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I first became concerned at the start of the year whilst in a meeting with Stewart Robertson with Laura Fawkes. I was endeavouring to outline the issue raised by Laura at the AGM on behalf of the fans which was the lack of transparency of the club and how there was a disconnect between both parties

As a member this part interests me .


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Thanks for your efforts mully10, it does seem like Groundhog day with C1872 directors. I only pay my money and know nowt about the running of C1872, except to say there does seem to be a too much of a deference shown to this board at times. From a supposedly independent supporters group and major shareholder.
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