Clyde 1 Clown Call-In Clinic thread * MERGED *


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I wonder if anyone will mention that Neil Lennon is holding a meeting with his players to flush out the leak. Can’t imagine that will be good for squad morale and togetherness.
I wonder if he's holding the meeting in the shower room, apparently that's where they like to do "business".

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Laurie from Dennistoun sniggered a few weeks ago when he compared Steven Gerrard to a scrap metal dealer in the transfer market. Well Laurie looks like SG has unearthed some gold nuggets. For their Laxative left back we have Glen Kamara..
Think on that Laurie.


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Gonna be entertainment gold tonight - I predict the following

-how can a ref who used to be a season ticket holder at Ibrox ref our games

- if you slow it right right down and look at it from x angle , goldson is clearly offside

- how was Morelos allowed to stay on the park

- Griffiths should have had a pen, you don’t need contact to be a pen

- coronavirus rules need reviewed as they haven’t benefitted from it this time

- game will be different at Ibrox as they will have full team to choose from

- game should be replayed as leaked team
gave us an unfair advantage

yadda yadda yadda ...


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this will be gold .. Saturday was disappointing lunacy from them ... hopefully we get some full scale Yahoos this week - should be good when Andy H is on :D