Clyde 1 thread for tonight


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Probably covered already, listening on podcast.
Dalziel, “am not here to to say if Lennon should be sacked or not but..”
Duncan; “ well, you actually are”
Dalziel goes on some tangent that he actually thinks he should be.
How does the boy Duncan puts up with that imbecile twice a week?
Surely just there for the comedy value, not that he’s funny, just to laugh at.


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Didn't listen to the show, but always read this thread.

When a Gers fan comes on, the screams on the screen in here reminds me of when a loonball runs on the park at Ibrox and everyone is booing him to gtf. :))


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I just wished that Gerry MCNee was still on I loved the tim on tim verbal bouts he got involved in back in the early 90's when the whole sack the board and Celts for change was on the go with the Tarriers.


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I used to think Duffy was awrite but it sounds like it's eating him alive to say anything positive about us.

Even tries to divert the show to the semi finals away from everything else.