Clyde 1 thread for tonight


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Deflection tactics from Radio Celtic, they will have a few on. Wont want Clerrr's inaction tal;ked about either nor Lieswell pulling out of the PC.


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don't know how other people think about him, but i don't actually mind keevins too much. seems more willing to at least try to be a little balanced.
Don’t soften. Keevins has an agenda and it’s not for our benefit. All his praise for us and his criticism of his own is for the purpose of eliciting change in the club he loves. He’s as bitter as as the rest of them so be in no doubt, don’t confuse his apparent balanced current opinions with fairness. Remember. They hate us.


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James has taken up nearly a quarter of the show talking about whether Gerrard should get a new bumper contract. An utter irrelevance right now given Gerrard is clearly not motivated by money!