Clyde 1 thread for tonight

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Mols, Ricksen, Buffel, Ehigou, Lee Wallace if it’s 10 or less not just less than 10, Little, McKay, Konterman, Aluko, Albertz and Katic

EDIT! Buffel is wrong as is Ricksen!
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Fs it will never stop, they're all always be head bangers and daft wee boys with internet access. It should be ignored and dealt with behind the scenes but journalists want to use it to get on their high horse and get hits.


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Funny when certain players like sectarian posts or comment them. Their phone is either stolen or it was an accident. Whos to say this isnt the same??

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Aye lets give social media platforms our name, address and whatever, that's some of the most stupid logic in the world.

Let's say it's implemented, Russia get a hold of said information and go after people critical of government, same for any people using anonymity to fight oppresive regimes.