Clyde 1 thread for tonight

Alex Venters

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No real comment to make regarding radio clyde thread, but we have went on here from posters who made every excuse under the sun as to why they accidently listened to it, wains throwing a toy that accidently knocked it on etc, guys terrified to admit to having listened to it without a valid excuse( pathetic) to now having an actual thread encouraging comments, amazing isn't it ;)
Don't you enjoy their pain?


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Roll on Mondays Clyde 1 phone in

11 pts behind
17 goal difference behind
Teams can’t even score against us in several games.

Looking forward to it.

Bear all

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Funny how they deemed those two outstanding OF games last season irrelevant
Yes that’s right and we have won the last two both at the Piggery,I think they had better worry about the games beforehand because I know that’s what we are all focusing they are an irrelevance until January 2nd.


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Unless I'm badly mistaken today was the last straw for the screaming hoards and the knives are most definitely out for lemon.
I'll be astonished if he's still in place this time next week.

I'd hoped we'd have a wider gap by the time the manky mob's patience with him snapped but it is what it is. As far as we are concerned NOTHING CHANGES in our approach. We pick up where we left off tomorrow v the sheep playing the same expansive pressing football until they break. Next game, same drill and so on until it's done. Keep this up and It's our title to take now.
They have been utter dross but there’s only 5 points in it with 60 odd left to
Play for.
It’s astonishing how quickly they’ve cracked!
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