Clyde Phone-in now allowing IRA supporting scum fan rep a voice in regard to Higgins appointment


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Why can't these tragic bastards just go and watch a football match and support their team?

Why does just about everything have to be a grievance/protest? It must be absolutely exhausting constantly looking for things to be annoyed by just so they can make a shitey banner and try to court attention.

Absolute weirdo freakshows.


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I hate that boot but really I have never heard so much clap trap in ma natural.
Ceptic fans all over the World are in agreement with the silent protest tomorrow night.
Honest they are absolutely deluded but the biggest point out of all this is indeed she as a backer of Terrorism got on a radio show to punt her wares!


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Here's the thing with that muppet she's always ranting about anti Catholic songs but doesn't seem to have any problem glorifying a terrorist group who killed more Catholics in the troubles than any other.

Even to this day 70% of republican splinter groups victims are Catholic. Supporting these terrorists is just about the most anti Catholic thing anyone can do.


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Wasn’t it Hugh Keevins who refused to discuss on Radio Clyde the abuse allegations at Celtic because it was not a football related matter. But he was always prepared to talk about the Rangers Tax Case - very much a non-football related issue. Now Radio Clyde gives air time to someone who questions the appointment of a senior law enforcement person to a security post at the club. In the aftermath of last week’s bottle and coin throwing incidents - which the SFA continue to ignore - any right-minded person would think that this was an appointment that cannot be delayed any longer.

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Perhaps Janette 19th Century terrorist could engage with the board on the offensive abuse of children at the club like no other........and as for that Kathy caller her and Bitter Jinnty keeping quite for an hour and a half tomorrow night genetically impossible omg that mob can't keep their wheesht for 60 seconds in November


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They did more than them wee virgins , can’t the stupid pricks not see if they behave then they’ll be left in peace ?

They don’t so what do they actually expect ?
I disagreed with the way fans were targeted having seen Bears punished for very little, but they are really throwing a wobbler instead of trying to have reasonable dialogue.