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I know dont normally listen to this crap ..but had it on driving home from work .. anyway the first 40 mins (I then arrived back at the manse) .. dedicated to you know who ..with one of them saying he was on The Rangers fans website and flabbergasted that we want 35 million for Borna ....just shows you bears ..there watching us ..beware!!

Cambuslang Bear

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World Cup Finalists first choice left back. Tearing it up for club at home and abroad and also for his country. Having an outstanding season all round

Compared him to an average left back. Has hips made of glass. Misses more games than he plays. And I believe he is part of a defence who have conceded the record aggregate number of goals in a Champions League group

If Tierney is worth £25m then at the very least I'd be looking for £40m for Borna Barisic