Co-efficient, Schmo-efficient


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Hope they get papped out at any juncture of Champions League qualification. Pains me to say it but tarrier CL qualifying games are amongst the most important of our season given their potential effect on finances moving forward. They are that important - we can’t afford another £20m finding it’s way into their bank balance.

In saying that ideally I would like them to qualify for the Europa League groups like ourselves so both teams will be hamstrung by having to play on a Sunday and both teams can accrue some points towards the coefficient, and at least try and scrape the Scottish league high enough to get a Europa League entry after 2021


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At no time ever have I wanted the filth to win any game ever.
On a rare occasion, when it would benefit us. they throw these games


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The co-efficient has been eroded over a number of years... Celtic winning a match in Europe tonight will do F All to address it... C’mon the Cludg :cool: