Cocaine epidemic on the terraces


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Virtually everywhere you go there will be people on coke. In the vast majority of cases people don't act like the arseholes we've seen on pitches up and down the country. Much in the same way most drunk people are fine, if a bit annoying when sober.

All this is is lazy journalism, using a stigmatised lifestyle to pursue an agenda against football fans by treating them as drugged up louts when in fact the vast majority of fans (drunk, high or otherwise) are normal people who behave accordingly.

There are far more pressing issues within behaviour at football without the (failing) war on drugs being brought into it.
Well knock me down with a feather... people taking drugs at football...... well it's not just at football is it ?
Why not just do away with the legal system and let arseholes do as they please ?
Look at the money it will save on policing and court proceedings.


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I know mate but i mean its much more socially the norm people taking coke isnt a big deal anymore

Now i dont touch it anymore myself and wont ever again

Pop concerts, sporting events and working mans clubs pubs etc have a high % of people snorting their brains out

Its a sociatal problem they trying merge it into football with recent fan behaviour pushing for a political crackdown

Sorry tried to quote Mr T