Colak or Morelos v Liverpool

Colak or Morelos v Liverpool

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RTV? Completed it mate!
We will be dominating the play and creating chances, so we need someone there to put them away.:)

Colak has to start for me. Alfie gets the last half hour and then starts against St Mirren so we can save Colak to finish off Liverpool at Ibrox.


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Colak is the inform striker with four goals in two games.

People keep questioning his starts, but he keeps popping up and scoring goals.

People keep saying Morelos, but Colak keeps scoring.

Deserves to start.


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Colak doesn't deserve to be dropped.
But in honesty Morelos needs to start because of everything he brings to the team.
Totally different team with him on the pitch.
He tracks back, puts pressure on players, doesn't stop harassing them.
For this it should be El Buffalo.
Colak on last 20 minutes


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Morelos if you want us to have any chance of taking something from the game.

Colak if you’re still harbouring a grudge against Morelos.


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It has to be Alfie from the ko for the out ball to win free kicks etc,play him till hes done then bring Colak on.


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It’s not about dropping Colak. It’s a tactical change, Colak was like a man down against Celtic and Ajax. These are games we need an outball.
Fair enough, personally I think Colaks hold up play is underrated. I would also fancy him in a half chance scenario over Morelos. It's a nice debate to have.


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We will need an out ball, and we have nobody better than Alfie to hold the ball up and draw a foul.

In saying that, it would be very harsh on Colak, plus if we get a chance he is the man we would want it to drop to.

Morelos from the start for me (just).


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Morelos for me but it's not an easy choice and if we really need to find away of getting both in that team.


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We need a lone striker who can hold it up and hold off defenders to allow the midfield to get up supporting.

Morelos fits the formation we are likely to play.


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3-5-2 and go both. They will push their fullbacks right up. I’d put Morelos as a wide striker and try and run the channels.
I would too. Play him right side, bit deeper than Colak. Out ball but dangerous cutting inside. We have to perceive ourselves as having a realistic attacking threat otherwise there’s no point, and this would do it for me.

Obviously this never happens so in the event, I’d play Morelos if he promises to keep the heid.


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We've heard all the debate about Colak just being a goalscorer or Alfredo makes us play better, especially in Europe.

It's a helluva call to make Tuesday night.

Our all time leading European goalscorer who makes the team tick on the big stage or our in form penalty box striker who is deadly in front of goal.

It's got to be Alfie for this one.
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