Cole McKinnon’s tattoo

Tam fae cambuslang

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Young Cole is just at the start of his pro career, however he has achieved what every single Rangers fan has dreamed of their whole life, playing and scoring for Rangers. Think about that for a minute, let that sink in. So proud of this Cambuslang boy and delighted for the man who i know who has been right at this boys side all the way up until Rangers took over, I’m obviously biased because for the first time in my life i actually personally know a Rangers player:)

Barry Slimfit

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If I made my senior debut for Rangers and scored, you're fucking right I'd be getting it inked forever on my body.

So at least even if that's all I achieved, when I was old and grey and someone asked about it..

"That would you believe, is back when I played for Rangers, made my debut and scored on my first start for the famous"

You don't have to "make it" to immortalise a memorable moment or significant milestone on your body.

And at the end of the day, it's their body who are we to judge?

Don't be weird.
It's a cool tattoo.
Old people shouldn’t be wearing shorts


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I think they should wait till they’ve “made it”, before plastering themselves in tattoos.

I mean, look at Alex Lowry’s arms. Nobody here is going to say that looks good
The boy has done something we can only dream of. Whether he "makes it" or not they cannot his goal away from him. Boy is obviously one of our own.


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Whether the young man makes it or not, he's achieved every Rangers fans dream of playing and scoring for Rangers.

Why some Rangers "fans" are upset at the boy for commemorating that is quite frankly bizarre.

Hateley's Mullet

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Loads of guys in this thread who walk about in the Scottish winter - sub zero temperatures, snow, hurricanes - wearing shorts so everyone can see their cool tattoos. :))


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I genuinely never thought there would be a poster raging about Alex lowrys arms but we've made it FF we have made it.


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Boy should be getting the Veet out asap.

Hairy knees ffs - give it 2-3 weeks and no one will be able to see his tattoo.

I meet a family member of his quite often walking the dog. Will be having a word.
I’ve got a mate with a full back tattoo that you cannot see because he’s like a fvcking gorilla. He veets his back for going on holiday.