Cole McKinnon


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All rounder in terms of his style but has a good finish in him.

Year left on his deal so we need to get him tied down.

The Lonely Loyal

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Great experience for the boy, he's had a great season with the b team but think there's too many held in higher regard in front of him for him to realistically make it with us.


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I was at at speakers last night with kevin Thomson and Nacho,kev was asked who he thought we should look out for and he said Cole said he had everything to make it.Great goal today from him.

Chris the Bandito

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At the start of the season he looked like just a guy making up the numbers but I think he's improving faster than anyone else I've seen playing for the B team this year.

Big, mobile midfielder with a good attitude who can tackle, pass and shoot. He's not missing much.


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I used to know a John McKinnon from Camby who passed away tragically young and was a huge Gers fan. Hope the young lad is a relative.

Brother Moses

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I know we all rave (and rightly so) about Lowry but CM is going to be baller as well. Staunch as they come as well.


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He’s been a stand out for the B team. Genuinely high hopes for Cole, great attitude and brilliant striker of the ball.


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I was at the B team game on Monday and he was head and shoulders above everyone on the park

Him and the lad at the back Johnly Yfeko


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If we could have a golden generation of youth come through 4 or 5 around the same time that would be unbelievable.


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Not seen much of him but he looked good today and took his goal brilliantly.

We have quite a few very good Academy players coming through. All of them who featured today played well and never looked phased.


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No contract dramas here
Youth players getting to a 1yr left on their contract is a drama I think.

Rangers dont produce enough of them to either break through or be sold on, with the overwhelming majority just leaving for nothing after all the club have put into their development.

By 18/19 Rangers should realistically know if theyre worth keeping for another 2-3 years because at that stage they should already be getting the odd game here and there to test them.

Look at Stephen Kelly, 22 and still being loaned out when clearly Rangers dont rate him. If he wasnt deemed good enough he shouldve been sold but the reality is he'll go for nothing. Hes got some potential and is perhaps unlucky not to have played more but had he been given his chances and been kept under contract Rangers could at least have sold him for a fee when they decided to part ways.

Dont want to see repeats with the likes of Cole McKinnon so the smart play is always have them under a contract that protects the club's interests and look to renew it before the final year if the player is progressing as hoped.

The lad did well yesterday and while he might not be the stand out from the B Team its a high standard to rate him against given his teammates. Hes got potential, just needs the chance like yesterday a little more often next season.