Colombia fans demand Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos is recalled to squad after goalless draw


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Colombia fans have blasted Carlos Quieroz for leaving out Alfredo Morelos - demanding he is given a chance in the national squad after they drew 0-0 with Venezuela last night.

Rangers star Morelos has been in scintillating form for his club so far this season, scoring ten goals in 12 matches in all competitions.

His national team could only manage a goalless draw in Tampa, Florida last night leaving frustrated supporters calling for change.

Striker Rafael Santos Borre was slaughtered for his profligacy during the clash.
And fans urged Morelos to fill his space in the next international set-up.
One fan wrote: "Borre was terrible. It is imperative that we give Alfredo Morelos the opportunity again."
Another snapped: "Alfredo Morelos has grown tired of scoring goals in Scotland like the one Borre just missed."

One added: "Alfredo Morelos was removed from the national team because he didn't play well last time. I ask ... will Borré still be called?"
A fourth moaned: "The formation doesn't suit Borre. It should be Alfredo Morelos."
One Gers player who did do well for his national squad is Joe Aribo.
The playmaker scored four minutes into his Nigeria debut last night.

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They are not a shabby international outfit, if wee Buff can mingle in that company he’ll bring in some fair coin.


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It would be amazing for him and us if he can feature regularly - only negative would be that some of their games will be during our regular season games and he might end up away. He isn't going to be able to pick and choose - he wants a full International career wit Colombia he will need to go.

However, it will do his confidence the world of good. The experience will be immense and his value will go through the roof if he does well.


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Ahh bit he's no scored against sellik
I know you’re being sarcastic but his record against them ain’t the best. Along with his temperament he’s tended to make a bit of an arse of himself in this fixture.

Early days, I know, but his discipline seems to have come on by leaps and bounds and he’ll have more chance of knocking some in if Stevie plays him from the start.

My heid is still throbbing from that last match.


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I'm probably going to get hammered here but scoring against Celtic is essential also. It's the game people look to, whether we like it or not
Clearly the Colombian fans don't agree with you.
Unless they've edited out the 'but he's no scored against sellick' posts.