Compliance officer cases


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When the compliance officer looks at cases, is the club/player accused allowed to have representatives to try and defend themselves?
Or, is the compliance officer the judge and jury?
I'm not sure hence the question..


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When Brown was sent off at Ross County and appealed it, I was told he took a lawyer to the hearing who “argued” Brown’s case and won.
Argued being a euphemism.
I think that was the last time the scum were at a hearing.


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The scam in the process is the initial decision on whether a notice of complaint is issued. This is the point where one club and it's players are being protected and other clubs cheated. The RC Compliance Officers have no intention of citing their own team.


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How glaringly obvious does it have to become before folk realise that it's NOT going to change? The only way to unambiguously destroy the scum is to beat them despite all the dodgy advantages they get.
i thought there is a panel of referees who have to unanimously agree (independently) that there should be retrospective action. Does the compliance officer then comes in and decide the punishment? So all you need is 1 referee to say no foul and it goes away?