Congratulations to Jermaine Defoe


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JD could have given Greegsy a right good run for his money when it came to totty.

The man was a serial shagger.

Congratulations to him though, a top pro and gentleman!


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Big Donna.

Used to work with her at my old bank’s contact centre, still have been on Facebook actually.

She’s no bad.


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Jermaine getting her to improve her striking skills - or can she play as an emergency centre half ?!!



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Imagine JD read follow follow. She'd get binned judging by some of these comments.

I want to see the video :))

Orange Peel

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He was mate. It was actually "A Million Pound Place in the Sun".

Defoe didn't appear on camera as he was at home/training, but he took the occasional phone call from his fiancee who was going round the properties etc.
Rings a bell, she was with her Mum I think.