Convicted criminal Rafat Rizvi's £200K claim over 'services provided' by Rangers put off


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A LEGAL challenge over a claim convicted criminal Rafat Rizvi is owed over £200,000 for services alleged to have been provided by Rangers over six years ago has been put off.

Singaporean firm Orlit Enterprises originally raised action at Glasgow Sheriff Court in 2013 after claiming they were due payments to the tune of £400,000.

It came after they allegedly enlisted to find Far East investors to fund Charles Green’s 2012 buyout of the club.
It had been confirmed initial proceedings in the civil claim for £200,000 plus interest and expenses were set for a three-day hearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court from today.
But court officials have confirmed that there has been a motion to postpone the hearing on a date yet to be fixed.
It was confirmed the case relates to services which Orlit claims were provided by Mr Rizvi, who once "faced the possibility of a death penalty".

The Rangers board has said the claim is "without merit and is vigorously defending the proceedings".
It was expected that the court would hear the evidence of both parties before deciding any legal questions which may have to be resolved in order to make a final decision in the case.
At the time the case first surfaced, when the club was owned by a consortium headed by Charles Green, the matter was brushed off while the club faced the prospect of a winding-up order over the disputed bill.
In a statement at the time, Rangers said they were disputing the invoice. It said: "not all of the invoices submitted with regard to this bill are legitimate."


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"faced the possibility of a death penalty".
FFS. Where do you start? There must be at least 60% of the population under suspicion.


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I remember Interpol were after him when he was involved with us. Perhaps one day we will know the truth about what went on during and after administration.
He was in the gang with Green,Ahmad & Stockbridge.Im pretty certain they discussed his involvement in one of the Charlotte fakes tapes & how it was a must that they keep his past business dealing out the press.

He was still lurking about with Easdale in the autumn of 2014.