Copa Libertadores 2020


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Also looked at Wikipedia and wonder why Santos ground capacity at home is so small , any reason behind that
Can remember them playing at that Stadium when they won this with Neymar I think, watched quite a few matches that season. Just a small Club really compared to other ones there. Vasco De Gama are similar in Rio really, quite a small Stadium.


Looks like they played the latter stages at Pacaembu, which is a famous Stadium in Sao Paolo.



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Ok I’m going to ask the question, what level in European terms where the two teams last night?

I’m going to say last 16/8 champions league level
Going forward they are that level. But at the back I think our team is stronger defensively. Although I did turn off when they kept showing the shite that the Santos manager had on his t shirt. Hope Palmeiras pump them just for that.


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Enjoyed that. Been surprised how open the games over the last couple of rounds have been. Final hard to pick, Santos looked better but they’re behind Palmeiras in the league and it’s a one-off game .... looking forward to it anyhow.
It will be a major shock from what I've seen, if Santos don't skoosh the final against Palmeiras.

I notice from Wikipedia that games between the clubs are called "The Nostalgia Derby". I think Santos will be able to look back with satisfaction years from now, as they remember that night in the Maracana.
Palmeiras are evens to win the Final in 90, 8/13 to lift the Trophy.


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