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Area behind the Central Station was certainly cheaper and er....earthier when we were there. We were with a local and he knew of places where beer was £4 but the bar was NOT a style bar in any way!! Sort of Vesterbro but closer to the station.

Yes, that is the only place where will you see hoors, junkies, ranting jakies and general riff-raff. The block and a half to the west of the station. The last of the old Vesterbro of porno emporiums, peep shows and squalour that has been gentrified away over the last 20 years.


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There are regular trains from the airport to the main station, where you can change to the Metro, walk to Vesterbro, Taxi to your hotel. Trains going to Malmo are NOT for you.

Taxis are incredibly expensive here, some of you will have paid less for your return flight than a cab will cost to the city centre. As usual, if there are 4 of you, share, if alone, train. I usually train to the city and take a taxi from the main station.

There is a huge bank of ticket machines in the airport terminal beside the stairs to the Metro and Trains, there is usually transport staff there to help, if you are planning to use a lot of public transport, ask them to recommend a multi-day ticket.

Tourist Stuff

If you want a couple of hours off sashing it up there are a few decent options:

The Hop On-Hop Off is a good way to get around and see most of the sites.

If the weather is decent go to Nyhavn and do a tourist boat. You can also take a public yellow ‘harbour bus’ for a fraction of the price

Tivoli is OPEN! Well worth an afternoon/evening, it’s charming as hell (Maximum hygge) and a great place to spot locals

There will be a free walking tour, which usually covers the city centre.

The Danish Architecture Centre is good, has a great gift shop and a smashing coffeeshop on the top floor.

The War Museum gets a good write up. The Design Museum also gets high praise.

As ever, walk about, get the metro to Norrebro (world's coolest hood) Österbro (boutique shopping for ‘er indoors and the FCK club shop and stadium) or Enghave Plads (the Finnieston/Prenzlauer Berg of KBH) for some local life.

If the sun is out, get a massive cargo, warm clothes and up to 7 friends and hire a boat:


Go Boat:


Ok, so we have the Radhuspladsen, the big grey square with a Netto, ‘Scottish, English & Irish’ (local owned and staffed and reflect the décor and beer selection rather than a penchant for timmery or ‘ra fundraising nights) pubs and the potential for a cold night getting a slap from some local pavement dancers….. Haud me back.

If standing there drinking Tuborg cans is your thing, fire in, who am I to judge?

The following squares are 1000 times better:

Kultorvet in the middle of the city

Enghave Plads in Vesterbro

Israels Plads in the city centre, for the local young team on skateboards and BMX, and beside the bloody expensive, touristy, but really good Torvehalleren food market and artisan take aways (duck confit sandwich and NEIPA for about 15 quid, luvverly!).

Kongens Nytorv, almost as crap as Radhuspladsen, but beside Nyhavn.

Vesterbros Torv - has 4 bars and restaurants on it that do Happy Hour midweek. District Tonkin does the best Vietnamese in the city.

Areas to get lost in:

Meat Packing District (Kodbyens): expensive to eat and drink in, however there are loads of great wee locals dotted all around the outskirts of the big white warehouses: Halmtorvet, Grotten (as it sounds, proper old local joint) Fermentoren, Bodega 54 etc

Vesterbro: get a Metro to Enghave Plads and work your way back to the city via Istedgade, the Dumbarton Road / Argyle Street of the city.

There is another great wee crawl to be had: Trows, Ludwigsens, Jojo, Fryd Olbar in Vesterbro. Think the teuchter triangle in Kelvingrove.

Vesterbro city-side: Mikkeller, Zeppelin, Vesterbros Torv

Klædebo Kvarter - beside the synagogue and the university in the city centre

The Latin Quarter:,_Copenhagen

Around Tivoli: Storm Inn, Southern Cross, Taphouse, Drop Inn


Generally, food is fantastically expensive. Especially Nyhavn, one for the corporate credit card / Salt Bae insta mob only.

If you want to push the boat out, this group does excellent food at reasonable prices (for CPH);

Norrebro is the place for ethnic joints

Christiania has good veggie/vegan places as well as canteen style dining and a couple of decent restaurants, it is generally cheaper.

Vesterbro is probably the best value: The Boys chicken, Kebabistan, La Forretta, Bang & Jensen, Falang Thai

Meat Packing District has a great selection, great quality but be prepared to pay.

Burgers: Gasoline & Dandelion are award winners, I thought Jagger was pish.

Our 2 street food markets have closed for winter but you can still cross the footbridge at the end of Nyhavn for containers with good street food options

Freetown Christiania

Walk over the footbridge at the end of Nyhavn and keep walking.

Pusher Street: DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS. Think Amsterdam in the 80's. Open selling of weed by dodgy types from Del Boy tables. You can skin up and smoke in the open area beside the pushers. Personally, I find this wee bit seedy and unpleasant, but it is what it is. The actual, bucolic, hippie Christiania is the remaining 80% to the south and east. A brewery, cafes, homes and galleries. Take a walk around, it is beautiful and an incredible reality given how much land costs in the city now. Go before the Man takes it away!

Gigolos & Brasses

Girls - You’ll see street trade in Vesterbro near the station as well as the famous Spunk Bar and a couple of strip joints.

There are a couple of ‘gentlemans clubs’ in the city: Badabing, 7th Heaven, and Angels Club.

I'm not sure about brothels, there will be some with the usual trafficked Moldovans and Kazakhs, google is your friend.

Boys - for those FF brethren who prefer the company of men (I'm thinking the Heart & Hand podders and some of the more robust Taliban loyal in the lounge) Studiestraede is the main LGBT pub/club street.

Casino: we have 1 in the radisson SAS on Amager

Game day

I don’t want to be all Danny Dyer, but, as we all saw last week, there is an active ultras/hooligan scene here. I know HSV lads are coming and if they are around then FCK lads will also be kicking about, this is a recipe for a few slaps. So, for those of us that are lovers, not fighters, mind yourself, for those that like a little dance ala pavement, you should have your needs satisfied.

Brondby Stadium is a pain in the arse to get to, I hope KBH Bear will give an update on this for us all. Given that I am a mixture of Russell Brand and Jarvis Cocker, he can also give an alternative party guide to the city for the bears, and he knows his onions, as does Hal B Goode.

If anyone has any questions, post them and the DK Bears amongst us will try and help.

Lastly, if you are using public transport, I am inspected regularly and excuses, like Timothy, don’t wash. It’s GBP85 there and then. Buy a ticket, you have been warned.

@Kbhblue @Hal B. Goode @Euro Scooter

What is the easiest way to and from the stadium from the centre for independent travellers ?
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There are loads of seats available in N1/112 now, which is gutting, all bears removed.


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Avoid the Hong Kong Bar at the Nyhavn, it is open 24 hours but they sometimes charge drunk people a lot for drink. Think I paid about £20 for a bottle of regular beer there once.