Cork City 0-2 Progres Niederkorn


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Is there a link for this anywhere? Can't take another half of this Kilmarnock game


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Excellent, let's hope they can kick on and stuff Cork. Just cannot be fucked with the inevitable circus around a tie v Cork. Plus there's always the danger of some bitter rhat making a name for himself by ending Alfie's career. The fact we'd get to pump Progres is just an added bonus. More of the same, please.


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Can only watch a maximum of 5 minutes of that video quality but Progres look better than Cork by some distance from what I did watch. They also got to within a couple of minutes of the play-off round against us last season. Fully expect we’ll beat them rather comfortably over the 2 legs, but I do think they’ll be a level above St Joseph’s.