Correct Lyrics to Blue Sea of Ibrox


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cannot believe it took three pages of arguing to get someone to post a link to Saint Phnx's version ffs!!!

If the SLO(W) is looking in he should get this on the big screens pre-match and at half-time, they have an album coming out soon and i'll be buying it, give these lads the support they deserve.

It sounds like flied the Indian Ocean so it's a no from me. That just sounds stupid. Other than that it's a good song although I prefer "It happens when the orange beats the green" as the other version sounds naff
Sorry, had to bump this thread again as I realised another line of the lyrics which is regularly sang incorrectly, mainly by the younger section of our support.

Some folk sing, “At 3 o’clock each Saturday, I’ll join the mighty roar”. My inner organs cringe when I hear this.

Roar doesn’t even rhyme with belong.

For those that may sing the incorrect lyrics, it is “At 3 o’clock each Saturday, I’ll join the mighty throng.”

Apologies, it’s just something I had to get off my chest. Heard it a few times now and it gets on my tits.