Council makes appeal over stickers


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It's the lamp posts I feel sorry for, they must long for the days when they just got peed on by dogs and not having that muppet stuck on them!


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Further appeal over stickers

WLC has issued another appeal after lamp posts in the Town continue to be covered in football related stickers.
The cycle path is the main area impacted with WLC confirming "this has gone beyond a joke please stop it now or risk Police action".

Local News Team
The Bathgate Bugle

You are probably correct that the article appeared in The Bathgate Bugle as the local newspaper is the West Lothian Courier which is part of the same stable as the Day Late Rhecord and thus the Courier would not have published it !!! :))B-)


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I had an idea for a sticker or badge or even merchandise for the usual suspects on here (UB's, Copland streetwear etc.) just yesterday I attempted to mock it up on MS Paint (Do people still use that ? ) it looks OK but I've not got a clue as to go about getting a pic up of it or even where to start getting this idea off the ground.

wee bud's pit boots

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But the city centre is plagued with 'bhoys' all over the place.

Of course they would be cleaned immediately if the word Torbett was placed over 'bhoys'.


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The Union Bears should print those stickers off and put them up around Glasgow. The Derry Desailly has been a pivotal figure in our title bid this season with his assists B-DB-DB-D
I thought it might of been us anyway reason being the last sentence of your post :))