Match Thread Cowdenbeath v Rangers - 19:45 Friday - POSTPONED


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Mon the Gers, just do it.

These games are easy on paper, but never when it comes to it.

Let's build on our last performance, up and at them from the start.

Mon the Gers, just do it.


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Not with a VPN will you be watching the game.
Eh whit?
Theres a free version. You only get a 10gb per month but that's been enough for me as you only turn it on while you log into RTV and start the game then you turn it off.

I've been using it a few months like this with no issues.
This for me also. When you purchase the game make sure you have chosen a country from the drop down list, outside the UK. As said I use Holland. You’ll need your credit card ready to do the purchase. Fill in the details, when accepted by your bank, chose straight to your purchase option and wait until stream starts and then switch off VPN Watch the game. That process takes about 1-2 minutes. Simples. Happy streaming


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This type of game after the break is usually more difficult for us than it seems on paper. I will be pleased with a win, no injuries and no sendings off or yellows.

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Some crazy forecast here.:rolleyes:

We will win, and win comfortably. I doubt it will be by any more than 3 goals though. Get the game won early doors and then 'coast' it will be the instruction. Give as many players as possible a wee run out tonight and on Sunday, in preparation for what's to come.


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I was a bit wary of the VPN thing but honestly it's super easy to sort out
One simple download and you just switch it on, start the RTV programme, turn it off and don't think about it again.

I cancelled Sky and BT and just use it atm. Club gets my cash.
How much a month is a VPN mate ?

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With McCrorie suspended Coulibaly will probably start tonight.

Just mentioning that now to try and preempt the 3 pages of "FFS Coulibaly's playing" that will come if the team's announced and he's in it.


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We should be looking for at least a couple of goals each half and a clean sheet. Just hope we don’t add any new names to the injury list.


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I might watch from Belgium tonight. Or maybe further afield. £5.99 on RTV with the VPN Loyal
How do you find the picture quality of RTV these days? I haven’t used it for years but I remember it used to be crap, especially on a big screen, and lagged a bit as well which really annoys me.


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How much a month is a VPN mate ?
I use the free version which gives you 10gb a month. You only need it activated while you log in and access the game then you turn it off so it uses very little and I've found it enough. I think Windscribe is 15 quid a month but that would be total overkill for the amount I use it!


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Score early take the pressure off and it could turn into a cricket score.

5-0 Gers. Defoe to come on in the 2nd half and get a debut goal.


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An injuryless win would be all I'd want. I'd like an absolute hammering with goals galore... Would be nice to see Defoe get some minutes and a goal.