Craig Gordon Arfield could have been sent off


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Why don’t we get Jonny Hayes view on it?

If Arfield had planted his foot, he’d be in a bad way right now. He was lucky it was in motion.
I wasn't sure about it on first viewing but Hayes reaction told you everything you needed to know.


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Pressure applied on Madden now to redress the balance in future fixtures.
All part of the narrative.
Expect tomorrow`s headlines to be Arfield lucky not to receive red card;
as opposed to being on the wrong end of a lunge from a habitual offender.....


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Definite red if a two footed challenge on the grass is considered a foul, studs were pointed in that direction and everything.


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Why is some lower league random ex Celtic reject commenting on refereeing decisions in our game? There may be a clue in the question there.
As a current player surely this is bringing the game into disrepute.
Trial by Sportscene up and running early.


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It’s a fall back as they didn’t have anything to have a go at Morelos over and start to talk down his value in the Sunday’s tomorrow.


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Am gonna go against everyone here and say

if VAR was in use ... Arfield might have been in bother , 100% red for Considine but arfield did go into the tackle with both feet off the floor , anyone who can’t see it is just blue tinted specs and the type of folk we rip the pish out of across the city .. a feared instantly Arfield was gonna go when madden ran over