Craig Gordon claiming for handball?


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Gordon was trying to be clever. Thankfully, it was clear as day it never touched his or anybody elses hand as it flew into the net at such speed he didn’t have time to react. Possibly the most important goal in Jack’s career. There was a lot of emotion riding on today after a valient EL Final. To conclude the season with the SC was essential for this season’s climax and to act as lift-off for next season.
I think he was claiming he was obstructed at the initial cross and could not get his hands to the ball, however as one of his ow players was involved in the obstruction then he had no chance, not the shot.

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Ive rewatched it a lot and have no idea what he was alleging with that as it didnt touch or even appear to touch any hands.
I couldn’t celebrate the goal as much as normal because once I saw the hand go up I knew Willie and his mates would be trying to figure was there a plausible way it could be disallowed.

And that’s why he did it. All pros do, but pros playing in Scotland against Rangers nearly do it in expectation rather than hope.


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Canny believe this thread was even created, never mind still going.

Players have been claiming for phantom fouls and offsides for generations.

In the bin.


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It's actually a form of cheating. Trying to get perfectly good goals cut off. Embarrassing and cheating. Jack's shot was hit with such venom that he got nowhere near it despite it only being almost within arm's reach for him, he was rooted to the spot.

Surprised he didn't try to claim Wright was offside or something at the second goal. Must have been too gutted by two quick fire goals to even try and cheat.


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A guy who was playing for extra time then seen his team smashed inside 8 mins of ET

Absolutely tremendous


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think he was claiming offside but wasn't interfering his view
As someone else said, I think he complaining he wasn't ready.

So ...cruel of Ryan not to warn him that he was about to skelp the ball past him, and humiliate him.
He's Scotland's Player of the decade.
After all.


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I thought this was a reflection of how bad the refs are in Scotland that Craig Gordon claimed for handball thinking that despite the ball going nowhere near a players hand there was a very good chance the ref would give it. Honestly