Craigan again


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Saw they were losing so stuck on their game before we start.

At this point it's 2 1. Craigan comes out with they've scored 6 goals but celtic are better than them.

I mean honestly where do you start? And he's getting paid for that

See tbh mate, they are commentating for the Celtic fans watching.

We complain when Rob McLean sounds like his gran just died when we score in the Europa and we complain when a commentator talks them up.

Don't want to hear it then don't watch the mentally challengeds.


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My other half is related to his wife distantly. He is a Rangers supporter but admittedly you would be hard pressed to think so.

stein and johnston

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Christie had one of those, I’ll show the fans I care kinda tackles. And went right through the Prague player to intentionally hurt the guy. And Craigon commented it was a nothing tackle.
In that one sentence he summed up his allegiances


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That’s the problem for them all there media cheerleaders have kept bumming them up suing they are quality and the best team by far but in reality have been down hill at a rapid pace since Brenda left now they’ve just realised they’re actually pish


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Is Hartson supposed to be at Ibrox with Ally McCoist? Seems odd only one pundit?

I missed the start, so I'm hoping to hear he stormed off in tears.


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Craigan is very nauseating in all things Celtic. They were horsed tonight by Sparta. To say anything different or to dress up their nil moments just makes you uncredible.


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Christie did his best to finish one of their guys to which Craigan said 'nothing in that'.



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Needs to have a good look in the mirror, absolute apologist of a professional!
No wonder they are a laughing stock, with dicks like Craigan beating the drum.


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Saw they were losing so stuck on their game before we start.

At this point it's 2 1. Craigan comes out with they've scored 6 goals but celtic are better than them.

I mean honestly where do you start? And he's getting paid for that
I mentioned it in another thread.
I almost choked on piece of toast.


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Given they are a British club, I would hope the British commentary would be heavily bias in favour of them unless it is two British clubs playing, then a level of balance is understandable. I hate the fact in our games we have commentators trying to maintain a balance, sure you have got to recognise the strengths of the opposition, but too many times have our commentators being overly dour.


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It's also Craigan's unnecessary, highly critical analysing of Rangers play especially when we are winning and playing well in games. Notice the octaves in his voice rising when the opposition are threatening our goal and falling when Rangers to do the same. It is Andy Walker-esque.

Was he ever on Rangers books and got the heave-ho? Rhetorical question there as there must be some reason for his 'chip on.the shoulder negativity' a la Michael Stewart-esque.


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Listening to Craigan removes any joy from watching football on television and it makes no difference whether he's commentating on a game against Aberdeen or against Clyde. He just does not shut up or engages brain before mouth. Simply awful pundit.


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Premier Sports showing a double header with them and us, so we'll definitely have a Sutton, Stewart and Craigan triple header at some stage


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Pandering to Papes should be a new National sport

They are scared to tell the truth

The scums lack of tactics and game plan is clear as day

Getting Jullien straight back into starting line up with no bounce game shows the desperation and they shipped 4 last night again

The pundits not calling out the naivety and lack of basics is a joke

Lennon and his backroom team don’t even know what is their best formation never mind best starting 11

That should be glaring to ex professional players. It’s the basics Lennon and Co don’t have a clue about

The fact Craigan is saying the scum were the better team is laughable

stonewall Jackson

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Craigan is certainly not a mentally challenged although he sounds like one at times. He is just an awful commentator that highlights the obvious while trying too hard to be insightful.

bullen an la

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this one from hartson baffles me
"jullien is back in the side, he's six foot 5"
and that makes him a superstar"


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Mcgregor plays 3 men onside but to be fair he's not experienced in that position. The lady's front bottom has played about 300 games and has 30 caps for scotland yet he's not experienced enough to get out quickly. In stitches listening to hartson

Excuses galore, Julian apparently couldn't see the guy behind him as he's come back form a lay off.